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Resolution 1-2020 - Resolution adopting reimbursment rates payable to officers and employees for travel related expenses 

Resolution 2-2020Resolution setting the daily rate for incarceration

Resolution 3-2020Resolution resolving the County of Fergus to participate in the Snowy Mountain Development Corporation

Resolution 4-2020Resolution appointing deputy coroners

Resolution 5-2020Resolution for how coroner calls are handled

Resolution 6-2020Resolution to reverse monies budgeted to be transferred from PILT to Captial Improvements 

Resolution 7-2020 - Resolution to increase FY1819 budgets as listed for the purpose of paying unanitcipated expenditures

Resolution 8-2020 - Resolution to increase the general fund expenditure & revenue for FY1920 and Family Planning expenditures & revenues for FY1920

Resolution 9-2020 - Resolution adopting a policy on the management & disposal of surplus property

Resolution 10-2020 - Resolution appointing Benjamin Phillips as the Fergus County Fire Warden

Resolution 11-2020 - Resolution appointing Sarah Hodge as the Fergus County Deputy Fire Warden

Resolution 12-2020 - Resolution declaring a State of Emergency exists in Fergus County related to COVID-19

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