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2016 FERGUS CO. CANDIDATE FILINGS2016 Primary Election County Unofficial Election Results2016 Primary Election County Unofficial Election Results

Please go to the Secretary of State's website for election results by County or by State.

Unofficial Local Results:


Precinct Committeeman 2:

   Dee Boyce                     203

   Jason Carlson                184

Precinct Committeeman 4:

   Rod Boling                    139

   Scott Seilstad                 50

Precinct Committeeman 11:

   Randy Boling                  88

   Jacob Williams                51

The Clerk and Recorder's office is responsible for a wide variety of financial duties and records management.  Recorded transfers and other transactions relating to real property are maintained in this office.

The Clerk and Recorder is involved in the preparation and maintenance of the county budget as well as preparation of the annual financial report of the county which is submitted to the State of Montana.  In addition, the Clerk works with the auditors throughout the year and during the audit of the county's financial records.

Claims of vendors who have supplied products or provided services are also paid through this office. 

712 W Main, Suite 204
Lewistown MT  59457

Phone: 406-535-5242
Fax: 406-535-9023

Office Hours
Monday through Friday
8:00 AM 5:00 PM

Rana J Wichman
Clerk and Recorder
Election Administrator

Jill Eness
Recording & Office Clerk

Reid Evans 
Office Clerk